Museum of Science and Industry

Chicago has some of the best museums in the country.  Museums have the ability to captivate our interest and mind.  They can motivate us to think and excite our senses.

If you love to learn and explore as well as see valuable artifacts about sciences and industry then the Museum of Science and Industry is the best museum that will suit you. This museum is about 350,000 sq ft of space situated on three floors of exhibits. It displays more about scientific and technological advances of the industrial ages. It shows the industry history of Chicago. If you plan to visit the Museum of Science then it is good to get more information about the museum hours before you visit.  It is located at Lake Shore Drive and East Roosevelt Road.

How to protect your cellphone

Your cell phone contains many of your personal data like your contact, access to your email accounts, and for some their banking information.  So you need to take care off your phone especially if you have a smartphone.

So what should you do if you cell phone gets stolen?  Here are some helpful ideas.

  1. If your phone is stolen, immediately call you cell phone service provider as soon as possible. It is very import to report your stolen phone and inform your phone provider so that they can shut off the phone.  Cell phone providers have the ability to deactivate or block a phone so that it cannot be use.  This will render the phone useless and help protect your data.
  2. File a police report. It may be impossible to get your phone back but filing a police report can protect you later on in case your identity gets stolen so that there is a record of it.  All you have to do is go to the local police station and file a report.  You can’t do it over the phone.  You need to go to the station and do it in person.

The best practice is to always keep an eye on your phone.  Don’t leave it laying around.  This will help keep your phone from getting stolen in the first place.

PERL Mortgage – John Dedes

PERL Mortgage is a Chicago based lender who is offers flexible financing options for those looking to secure home loans and refinancing their existing mortgages.  PERL Mortgage has four offices throughout the city of Chicago and consistently offers the best rates and mortgage solutions.

PERL Mortgage has been serving the city of Chicago for over 15 years and consistently ranks and honored for their high level of integrity and business practice.  Their staff of well trained professional work tirelessly to help you get the best deal for your needs.

John Dedes, is a Certified Residential Mortgage Specialist, who works out of the PERL Mortgage Chicago North office located at 2936 W. Belmont Avenue, Chicago, IL 60618.  Tel. 773-862-1536.  John Dedes is a professional mortgage consultant with over 19 years of experience.

John Dedes holds the National Association of Mortgage Brokers designation of CRMS (Certified Residential Mortgage Specialist) – a true benchmark of professional, ethical and educational qualifications.  Less than 3% of all loan originators have attained this standard.

John Dedes has also earned the NAMB Lending Integrity Seal of Approval which is his pledge to adhere to NAMB Code of Ethics and Professional Standards of Best Lending.

John has been originating residential mortgages since 1992 in all types of loan scenarios and has been with PERL Mortgage since 1998. He is a member of the Illinois Association of Mortgage Professionals and the National Association of Mortgage Brokers. John graduated from Colorado State University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.

His extensive knowledge of mortgage programs and quality lender relationships enables him to provide his customers with the best financing available to help reach their specific goals. John not only excels in financing prime loans with the best interest rates and terms, he also specializes in the more challenging ones if needed. In 2004, John was awarded “Loan Officer of the Year” by the Illinois Association of Mortgage Professionals for his outstanding dedication to customers and professionalism within the mortgage industry. For certified and award winning mortgage service you can trust, give John Dedes a call today for all your home financing needs, at 773-862-1530.

Below you can also find more information on John Dedes, PERL Mortgage’s Certified Residential Mortgage Specialist.

St. Patrick’s Day Parade

On every Saturday before March 17, 2012, the city of Chicago has the St. Patrick’s Day Parade.  This is a big event in the city and a bigger excuse to go out and party and have some fun.  Chicago has a large Irish tradition so we take this holiday very serious.

Every year in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, the city dyes the Chicago river green for the occasion.  How many places in the world do you know off that go to this great length?  It’s actually pretty cool to see the Chicago River colored green and is worth the trip just to see it.

The parade routes is along Columbus Drive from Balbo Drive to Monroe Street.  Along the parade route and in just about any Irish pub is a crazy party atmosphere that makes you want to visit the city at this time of year every year.

If you are really into parades, there is also another parade held on the South Side of Chicago after the above parade is over.  The second parade is Western Avenue and between 103rd and 115th street.  So come out and visit the St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

Where the super rich live

Given the wide spread disparity of wealth in American as a result of the unequal distribution of wealth in the United States, the last very decades and a big push by President Obama to raise taxes on the top one percent of the population. We decided to do some digging. Defining the top one percent as those individuals with at least $30 million when account for a range of assets, including shares in companies, real estate, cash, art collections, private planes and other investment assets.

Based on that definition, there are 57,860 individuals that fit those profiles.

In looking over those individuals more closely, we found that 2,550 of these individual live in Chicago. Which make sense since Chicago is a major financial center and home to major financial and futures exchange.

Deep Dish Pizza

When you think of Chicago, you think of the Chicago deep dish pizza.  Just like you think of other states, there is a corresponding food dish associated with that state.  Well nothing represents Chicago better than the deep plan pizza.  There are many version of this famous disk but there is no dispute that it is a unique pizza that can only be acquired in the windy city.  I don’t know if it is the water that makes the crust so good or the meat and cheese but it is all so good.

My personal favorite is the spinach cheese pizza but those argue that you have to get the pepperoni style pie.  There is no going wrong with either version as it is all really good.  The best thing to do is go to Chicago Pizza Restaurants and see for yourself.  Maybe try a few different places so that you can see differences.

Video Production

Chicago has suddenly developed into a hot bed for video production companies.  Some of the largest Chicago Video Production companies are all within the city.  This has result in a lot of local businesses getting high quality videos produced of their business, services, and products made and used as a means to market themselves.  With high speed Internet propagating throughout the United States and mobile phones getting faster and faster, businesses need video content to advertise their products effectively.  This is where these production houses come into play.

Navy Pier

Since 1995, people and tourists from around the world have been coming to Navy Pier to enjoy the beauty of Lake Michigan.  Covering 50 acres of parks, promenades, gardens, shops, restaurants and attraction.  Navy Pier has it all.  Set right on the Lake Michigan with Chicago beautiful sky line in its background.  Tourists can dine on cruise ships and take boat tours.  There is a 15 story tall ferris wheel that allows you to see the surrounding area – a combination of scenic views of nature and architectural masterpieces.   There is even a IMAX movie theater, a children museum, chinese acrobats in Cirque Shanghai at the Pepsi Skyline Stage and been a beer garden where you can listen to live musical acts and enjoy a cold beer.  Navy Pier has it all.  Navy Pier is consider part of the Streeterville area.  The piers location adjacent to all the beautiful highrises puts Streeterville Apartments and Streeterville Condos very sought after.  Its no wonder that you can always find Chicago residents and tourist hanging out at Navy Pier.